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Norma Jeane The Musical

Norma Jeane The Musical

I played the role of Young Norma Jeane, at The Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre in Walthamstow in September 2013 alongside Kerry Katona who played the older Marilyn. The National Tour of Norma Jeane starts in June 2014. EXCITING!!

norma jeane


Staff Room – Sit Com


A sitcom pilot set in a teacher’s staff room. STAFF ROOM is the story of several teachers at a northern state-of-the-art secondary school who are hiding out inside the school’s safe haven and desperately trying to survive until three thirty pm, five days a week. For new recruit Ian Butterworth surviving just his first day won’t be easy. As a failed filmmaker he’s resorted to ‘Plan B’ and is now teaching media, a job he has next to no passion for. It’s not just the job he has no zest for its life itself. Yet throughout his first day he’ll learn that perhaps starting over isn’t as bad as he initially feared, as friendships, rivalries and even romance blossoms inside the staff room. I play the role as Katie Nolan the ‘Sexy Slutty Home Ec Teacher’ Who can’t cook, and orders Domino’s pizzas instead of teaching the pupils to cook anything’ We are hoping to sell the hilarious pilot onto programmes such as Comedy Central, Channel 4 or an Online Series on NetFlix.

Katie Nolan 'Slutty Teacher who can't cook'

North West Ambassador for the British Red Cross Charity and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro August 2014

Charlotte is a North West ambassador for the British Red Cross, she is so passionate about this particular Charity and is hosting a comedy night alongside the hilarious Ted Robbins for the Red Cross in November at the Paradise Rooms in Blackpool called ‘A Tribute to Les’ with a bunch of incredible comedians and special guests. Charlotte is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this August to support the British Red Cross because they helped her Mum Tracy when she had a serious foot injury in 2012. Also the British Red Cross is her fathers favourite Charity, she feels like she is getting even more closer to him by doing this huge achievement. To sponsor Charlotte please go to, she really appreciates your support.


the red cross



ITV have made my mum and I dreams come true by bringing my wonderful daddy back to life as a hologram as its his 20th anniversary of his death on June 10th :( I have always had on my Christmas list every year that I wanted my dad back for a day, and I got the incredible opportunity! It was such a fantastic experience and he deserves it so much. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.

Me mummy and Daddy as a Hologram

A Taste Of Honey

Charlotte Dawson is starring in the classic British drama ‘A Taste Of Honey’ by the fabulous Shelagh Delaney. Charlotte has landed the lead role as ‘Jo’, she is so excited and can’t wait to be apart of such a brilliant play! Also there will be impressive 3D techniques throughout the show to keep it up to date and modern. It is the first time this play will be performed in Salford where the drama is set, It starts from March 11 – 16th 2013 at the Kings Arms in Salford. And there is ONLY 30 seats available per show!!! You don’t want to miss out on this, for tickets go to

A Taste Of Honey

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